I was born at 19:59 at night, which is the year my mother was born. My sister was born 17 months later, early in the morning as the sun was rising.  We naturally gravitate to our respective time of day. She rises early in the day and goes to sleep early, while I rise later in the day and go to sleep much later at night. She is tan with golden blonde hair while I am very pale with dark hair. She wears warm colors while I wear cool to dark colors. Together, we are the Sun, consciousness, and the Moon, the subconscious.

Our youngest sister came into our life when she was 11, a full 9 years younger then myself. Somehow with different parents and a different lifestyle she is the balance that brings the Sun & Moon together. She was born in the middle of the night on a New Moon when the Stars are the only light in night sky.

I tell you this so you can begin to see arbitrary facts as something more. Everything is connected, there is a deeper level to everything around us if we take the time to see it. I began my 13 year, on and off again, tarot journey when I got my first deck of cards because I was looking for advice as a young, anxiety ridden teenager that was too scared to talk to her parents. These cards became a way to guide me during my time of introspection.

Tarot Apprentice is a place for beginner readers and even advanced readers to practice readings without a person in front of you.

If you’d like questions and/or querents added, that you feel would benefit others, use the Contact page to send me a message and I’ll add it.

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