Practice Readings

Welcome to Tarot Apprentice, if you are ready to start reading for others but don’t have anyone to practice on or aren’t quite ready to read for someone just yet and want some practice Tarot Apprentice is a free tool I’ve developed to help you.

This tool will allow you to practice common and not so common questions, around love, career, spiritual questions and health/wellness. There are also some questions to prompt you to think about your response. What if someone asks a prying question about a third person without that persons consent? What if the question is a Yes/No questions, etc.

I recommend you journal your readings so you can review them later or use your phone to record yourself during the reading. This is a great learning tool for readers of all levels. I especially like recording myself so I can hear it later.

Practice Tarot Readings

Practice Tarot Readings

If you’d like questions and/or querents added, that you feel would benefit others, use the Contact page to send me a message and I’ll add it. Also, if you’d like feedback on a reading you did using this generator please feel free to send me a write up or audio file.


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